We provide innovative solutions to testing problems.

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Engineering test rigs

Engineering test rigs

We design and build special test machines according to your needs and requirements.We design, develop and automate all types of mechanical components, using the most advanced CAD solutions.

mini wind tunnel
Mini wind tunnel gust generation
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Supplying test labs

Supplying test labs

We provide innovative solutions to testing problems

Emsira Test Supplies specialises in providing innovative solutions to testing problems and supplying reliable advanced products from the world’s leading manufacturers. As well as providing bespoke/custom assemblies, we are a distributor for the supply of a wide range of test accessories manufacturers.

Hidrogen test bench

SCADA for testing

SCADA for testing

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) for testing

CONTROL, Real time control software over Linux, manage ETHERCAT data over a conventional LAN, with distributed approach, a modular, easy replacement equipment.

Web interface HMI multi platform and multi device, allow a real time data experience in house or worldwide throw a secure internet connection.

Particle counter
24/7 Remote supervision
PID control
particle counter local touch screen
Touch screen
Ethercat modules
control layout
ETHERCAT Controller

Integrated sensors facilitate the right action at the right time for high quality testing.

We manage real time test data ,filtering results and reporting to allow analysis

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    Within industrial automation and across our full Engineering and, Operations and Performance.
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    Reliable, flexible and high performance, and has been helping industries around the world for decades.
  • Trusted Solutions
    Highly secure, scalable and offers real-time supervisory control. It’s trusted to manage critical infrastructures around the world.